Sunday, February 6, 2011

Come and see what He has done...

Okay, if you're reading this, you probably know me.

You probably know that I'm a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, that I've been one for almost two years, and that right now I'm reaching for the status of Independent Sales Director (if you have no idea what that means, it certainly gives you a reason to come back when there's new entries, doesn't it?).

What you might not know is that through this opportunity (which in the simplest of definitions is to enrich the lives of women under the banner of skincare and cosmetics) God has been transforming my life powerfully.

I went to Confession today, like I always aim to do once a month or so. I had been reflecting on the things I struggle with, and I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to me a root behind all of it. What I heard Him say to my heart was that I was not being obedient, not following through even though I knew what I should be doing. Once I shared this with my confessor today, he gave me the penance of picking a Gospel and meditating on it's Passion Narrative. And he said this:

" Remember that the model of obedience is Jesus crucified. But don't stop at the crucifixion, read the Resurrection as well, and remember that the fruit of obedience is resurrection".

God Bless the men who give their lives to the Church and strive to be holy priests of Christ! What a powerful instrument this man was for me today.

So, this blog itself is a step toward embracing obedience. I feel called to share about my Mary Kay business, and I hope you'll read my posts... not because I'm trying to sell you lipstick or recruit you (though if you feel moved to that I won't say no to you!) No, the purpose of this blog is to share with you how God is using my business to mold my character, heal my heart, and resurrect me in a whole new way.

Basically, I just want to share with anyone who might be impacted by it "what He's doing" in my life. Even more than that, I hope you come to know more fully how God can use anything, even lipstick, as a vehicle for drawing us into His heart...

if we are obedient.

God Bless, and Stay tuned!

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  1. yay for blogging! keep it up :o) i look forward to what you have to share!