Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The harder I work, the luckier I get!

One of the things that sets Mary Kay apart from other direct sales endeavors is that Mary Kay (the actual woman) encouraged consultants to think like a retailer and carry inventory so their customers wouldn't have to wait two and three weeks to get their products. We have sayings like "you can't sell from an empty wagon", etc.

Well, I joined at a great time of year because I had just received my tax return! However, it was still a modest inventory - nowhere near close to a 'full store'! Some people may look at the recommendation of inventory like - "Oh, they just want you to order as much as possible", but I have experienced that that is simply not true! I STRUGGLED with growing my business because I had so little product on shelf. It truly created a 'scarcity mentality' for me... I was hesistant to sell because I didn't want to run out of product! Oh my goodness. When you join as a new consultant, there's a quiz you can take to evaluate how much inventory the company recommends based on your goals. Now it makes sense to me that the more a woman invests in inventory at the start of her business, the less likely she is to quit. Though not every woman who comes into MK needs a big inventory, my goals this year DO! And as my businessman grandpa once told me - "You've gotta spend money to make money".

The other reason I started with a small inventory was because I had another fulltime job at that time and didn't see myself needing so much product on shelf. But now that it is my primary occupation, I have experienced a little frustration with my 'store' and have been praying about money to put more product on shelf.

And here's the glory story: After prayerfully discerning (because I for sure did not want to go in debt, I'm using this business to get OUT of debt!), I decided I would make a short-term sacrifice for long-term gain and 'pay' myself less. Instead of just reinvesting 50% of my retail sales back into profits (which is the biggest profit margin in direct sales!), I would reinvest 60% until I get a bigger store.

Then yesterday, God blessed my efforts: the people I nanny for a few days a week asked if I'd be available a few extra days for the next several weeks - and that means money I hadn't anticipated having! Not only will I have extra cash to grow my inventory, but I'll get it without cutting into my "MK hours". God is so good!

Please understand, I am not promoting a health and wealth gospel. What I am saying is that when we learn to quiet ourselves and come to recognize His voice, AND then we "Do whatever he tells you" (as we are encouraged in the Gospel by Jesus' Mama!), then our lives will be abundantly blessed. I don't mean a guarantee of an abundace of money, prayer doesn't guarantee success in business. I'm talking about the abundance of peace and joy that the good Lord guarantees will fill our hearts if we walk with Him.

I encourage anyone who reads my blog to "Do whatever he tells you!" and see what miraculous things start to happen around you!

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